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We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. -- Albert Einstein

We help you stay relevant by unlocking your creative potential to innovate.

Successful established and early stage organizations remain vigilant about understanding their market place and their customer's needs, and have the skills to innovate and to renew or change their strategy and offerings.

  • Perhaps you're an established Jewish organization trying to figure out how to make yourself relevant to the next generation?
  • Maybe your community needs leadership better equipped to refine a vision of the future, and develop and implement the strategy that will bring it about?
  • You may be looking to integrate lessons from other successful innovators and their innovations and are not sure what they are or how to support the culture change that might be required to implement new ideas?

postits_on_wallOur team has assisted hundreds of diverse social entrepreneurs and established organizations in responding to these and other challenges.

We partner with you to reinvigorate your mission, values, and strategic focus while helping to build your capacity to anticipate and create needed change. Our expertise allows us to bring unique value and understanding to this intersection of innovation, organizational know-how, and Jewish life. We begin by listening to your story, assessing your needs, defining the problem, and developing a customized plan of action.

Consulting Services Include

Strategic design and planning
Working with your organization to refine its core mission, values, and strategic focus and increase your capacity to innovate. Our signature processes help identify your most important challenges, recognize opportunities, form thoughtful solutions and implement a course of action for organizational, systemic or programmatic change.

Executive, professional and lay leadership
Offering an array of leadership development services intended to help organizational leaders create a framework for energizing their mission, identifying potential new avenues for growth and fostering continual social innovation. Includes application of the most cutting edge principles and practices of entrepreneurship through the UpStart lens, and experience of using these models within startups and established Jewish organizations.

Program development
Exploring and applying best practices in program design in order to position organizations to design, deliver, and measure the success of innovative, meaningful and compelling programs infused with high-quality Jewish content and perspectives.

Advanced Jewish frameworks of innovation and change
Providing organizations with an in-depth understanding of Jewish texts, terms and concepts that will enrich both their ability to frame their work within a substantive Jewish context, and infuse their programmatic offerings with qualitative, relevant Jewish experiences.

Fiscal Sponsorship

We offer fiscal sponsorship (Model C) to qualified mission-aligned nonprofits.
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