UpStart is a nonprofit accelerator of innovative expressions of Judaism. 


We exist to design the Jewish future by building Jewish leadership for the world that is coming and creating meaningful Jewish experiences for the world that is.


Through our UpStarter program, we directly impact the Jewish community by accelerating the progress of innovative organizations as they seek to establish viable businesses.

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UpStart employs a number of proven theories and practices of entrepreneurial leadership and business development. We build clients' capacity to create cultures where leadership is distributed and mobilized to discover the most creative, effective and efficient solutions to their most pressing issues. 

We offer services for organizations who are seeking to unlock their creative potential to innovate.

“In most organizations, problems are solved when people in positions of authority sit around the table and plan everything out. What they fail to do is include the people who are part of the problem and can also be part of the solution: the people who are directly affected.” 
--Tova Zucker, a Day School Collaboration Network participant on UpStart's human-centered consulting philosophy

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